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Bob Volarig

Bob Volarig is the pseudonym that Roberto Colucci wanted to sign this book.
Born in Locorotondo in 1964, fourth of five children but different from the other brothers both in character and vision of life.
He has an innate passion for flying, so much so that he took the military parachutist’s patent first and then the sports one, making several launches.
He defines himself as a person who likes to be in the balance between risk and madness, in short, a soul that sometimes comes out both in the working environment and in everyday life to put things back in their place.
The family is its most important reference point, without which it would have had no reason to exist.
His curiosity led him to take an interest in some aspects of local history and the world of the occult, puzzles and deciphering codes. It is no coincidence that Locorotondo is not the country we all know, but it is much more.
His research will lead him to write down the results of his discoveries. The true story of Locorotondo is his first book.

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