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The scent of wild hyacinths


Fatima lives in a social context where “freedom” is only an unpronounceable word, being the daughter of the Albanian people, hostage of a dictator. The enterprising girl tries to overcome the many obstacles due also to be a woman and to find a way to live a dignified life as a teacher. During a labor camp she discovers that Qamail is the boy who refused to marry her and to submit to the tradition of arranged marriages. Her life was greatly shaken by the emigration of her three sons to Italy. When her husband dies, she also moves away, but her dream is to return to her roots.



“Football Drops” will amaze you with the most extraordinary anecdotes that occurred in the World Cups, the Copa Libertadores or the Champions League, but also in professional and amateur championships around the world. Crazy rituals, incredible results and unprecedented sent offs are some of the ingredients of an unforgettable cocktail for football fans.